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3D Flight Cases - Silk Screen Printing

Cheap Peli Storm Case

Silk Screening Cases

Silk screen printing is a great vehicle for adding your corporate message and brand identity to our flight cases, poly cases and padded bags.

All our 'silk screening' or 'screen printing' is printed in house allowing us full control on delivery and quality.

For those who have no idea of the basics of this process a short intro.

A print is made by having an image or design superimposed on a very fine mesh screen and the printing ink is then 'squeegeed' onto the printing surface through the porous area of the screen.

Each colour requires it own screen and is a separate operation with each colour needing to dry before the next colour can be added.

Printing takes place on the individual case panels or or bags before they are constructed

We are not able to screen print graduated colours, colours that fade from one to another.

3D Screen Printing Costs

Screen Manufacturing Cost per colour £50.00. This is a one off cost where we will store the screen and can be used again on any future orders you require.
Printing Cost £1.50 per wipe (each colour requires it own 'wipe') with a minimum charge of £25.00 to cover setup.

For example to print 20 off cases including a mixture of flight cases, poly case or bags (assuming the same size logo can be used) in two colours, red and yellow.

Silk Screen Printing
Examples of two colour screen printing
1 x Red Screen £50.00
1 x Yellow Screen £50.00
20 x Red Wipes £30.00
20 x Yellow £30.00
Total Cost £160 (£8.00 per case or £4.00 per case for single colour)
Discount on wipe costs are available for order quantities of above 20 per colour.

All prices exclude VAT

Ideally the appropriate artwork should be supplied in a vector format i.e. Adobe Illustrator or Coral Draw for best results. Failing that other formats included .psd .tif, .jpg .png or similar and should be of actual size or larger with a resolution of 240dpi or greater. Images must be separated when multicoloured logos are required.

Stencilling Flight Cases - Free

For those who do not want the added cost of silk screening we offer the option of a one colour stencil lettering free with every case.
Flight Case - Stencilling

This method is printed using interlocking brass stencil letters and spaces to produce the name required.

Professional Flight Cases

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